Welcome to Singapore, have some Kaya.

December 28th, 2008 by lili

Kaya, coconut jam, sounds revolting. I don’t normally like jam, and who ever thought that making it from coconut was winning any favours, from me, at least. Well, I was wrong, they were right, Kaya is a delicious coconutty breakfast treat.

Here on out first morning in Singapore, we trekked out to Killiney Kopitiam, supposedly famous for its Kaya Toast. We had to do it this morning, as all our other Singaporean mornings are booked up with buffet breakfasts (I -love- a buffet breakfast), but back to the Kaya.

We ordered two french toasts with kaya, one soft boiled egg and coffees (though, my coffee morphed into a tea the moment it touched down at the table).

After sniffings for hints of peanut, we dove in and were not disappointed.

The bread was cakey, but paired with the super salty cold butter and rich, creamy coconutty jam, it was delicious. Add some runny soft boiled egg (mine was a little too soft boiled, so I only ate the yolk), and this breakfast was a delight.

After initial skepticism, we both became Kaya converts. F even ordered another portion. Minutes after finishing we payed our bill ($7.50sg) and vacated our table for the first person in line, this place is popular, and worthy of it.

Suggestions have already been made that we shall come back here when we get back to Singapore in a
few weeks time, but maybe just to buy some of these beautifully boxed meal kits, or maybe for lunch.

Killiney Kopitiam
67 Killiney Road
Singapore 239525
Tel: 6734 9648 / 6734 3910
Fax: 6735 6731

Mon, Wed to Sat – 6am to 11pm
Tues, Sun & PH – 6am to 6 pm

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